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Sweet Sweat Sticks

Sweet Sweat Sticks


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Accelerates Thermogenic Effect- The coconut stick helps the body to produce heat during workouts. It is helping promote weight loss and healthy weight gains.

Enhances muscle strength: The sweet sweat coconut stick enhances muscle activity. It will help prevent muscles from fatigue and makes the muscles strong.

Substantially improves circulation & sweating: The stick coconut improves blood circulation and increases blood flow leading to greater fat burn and sweating.

Fights against painful injuries: The sweet sweat stick helps in recovering from the strain on the muscles from the workouts and helps them recover fast and reduces the pain.

Targets slow respond areas: The stick helps the slow respond areas in the body to activate easily. Also improves and responds to the respective activities and workouts.

Sweet Sweat

Enhance Your Workout

Sweet Sweat works best during cardio, circuit, and HIIT training. Apply a thin even layer prior to workout out.

Maximize Results

Even though Sweet Sweat is great on its own, we highly recommend combining it with the Waist Trimmer to get the most from your workouts.


Sweat Harder

Sweet Sweat is activated by your elevated heart rate. For best results, apply to “slow-to-respond” problem areas and get moving!


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Citrus Mint, Coconut, Original, Tropical


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