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    Q&A #1: What is Sweet Sweat?

    Q&A #2: How to apply Sweet Sweat.

    Q&A #3: Can I use Sweet Sweat with sunscreen or body lotion?

    Q&A #4: What is the difference between the Sweet Sweat stick & the Sweet Sweat jar?

    Q&A #5: Do I need to use Sweet Sweat with the Waist Trimmer?

    Q&A #6: How do I use Sweet Sweat Thigh Trimmers?

    Q&A #7: How do I clean my Waist Trimmer?

    Q&A #8: Will the Thigh Trimmers slide down during exercise?

    Q&A #9: What color & sizes do the Thigh Trimmers come in?

    Q&A #10: What sizes do the Waist Trimmers come in?

    Q&A #11: What is the difference between Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer versus other belts in the market?

    Q&A #12: Can the Thigh Trimmers help with leg injuries?

    Frequently Asked Questions


    • Does the waist trimmer work without the Sweet Sweat gel? Does sweet sweat work without the waist trimmer?


    • My Sweet Sweat is not working, I am not Sweating. Am I doing something wrong?

      You may not visually see yourself sweating the first few times using Sweet Sweat. The significant fact is that circulation is being increased to the targeted area and after a few uses you will start breaking a “good sweat”. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your skin must be clean and free of any creams or lotions before applying sweet sweat. Any excess oils on the skin will inhibit Sweet Sweat from working properly. Sweet Sweat is activated by your elevated heart rate and works best during cardio or high interval training.

    • What’s the difference between: The stick, the scented, unscented, coconut jar?
      1. The application methods vary, otherwise the product is exactly the same.
      2. When applying Sweet Sweat with the stick, you do not have to use your hands, think of it like applying deodorant.
      3. When applying sweet sweat form the jar with your hands using your hands to apply, make sure to rub it ON, but not IN.
    • Do I have to exercise for Sweet Sweat to work?

      Yes, Sweet Sweat is activated by your elevated heart rate and works best during cardio, circuit and high interval training.

    • Do you have a specific question about one of our Sweet Sweat products?

      Please submit a ticket and we will have a specialist follow up with you.

    • Is Sweet Sweat safe for pregnant women/nursing women?

      We recommend that you consult a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any medical conditions.